The primary reference for the MolScript program is:

P J Kraulis, MOLSCRIPT: a program to produce both detailed and schematic plots of protein structures, J Appl Cryst (1991) 24, 946-950.

The home of MolScript on the web is MolScript: The Official Website. Examples, documentation, licenses and source code can all be found there.

The official instruction manual for MolScript has been tagged to HTML and is available at a number of mirror sites.

These are the full manuals and are quite helpful for both functionality and syntax. Please refer to this manual for the final word on how things should work. The German site has a great set of examples which demonstrate just about the full functionality of MolScript.


This link to the RasMol Home Page should cover everything. RasMol comes in a large number of OS flavours.


Raster3D is developed under the direction of Eathon Merritt and can be found at the University of Washington. The site is Raster3D (photorealistic molecular graphics).

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